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Reasons to Legalize Weed | The Rubin ReportDave and the panel discuss marijuana prohibition in the USA. Bonobos is our official outfitter, get 20% off your first order with code TRR20!

5 comments on “Reasons to Legalize Weed | The Rubin Report

  1. Gotobug on

    The e-cigs have NONE of the carcinogens of a normal tobacco cigarette. I use e-cigs and I can name each and every ingredient in my stuff, nicotine included. A a side note, nicotine in itself is no more harmful then a cup of coffee. The side effects are almost identical.

  2. cmikeg86 on

    Most people’s eyes would be open to the bullshit of the government if weed was legal and take back America.

  3. TubaBuddha on

    I will gladly light you up when I get to LA in the future. Would love to spend an afternoon talking and thinking.

  4. JaedenRuiner on

    People tend to forget that hemp was a big part in the original bans against marijuana, in that it was a large competition for cotton, which was a large southern export product. As well, hemp oil was a competition fuel source, not necessarily for cars, but lamps, generators, etc. Thus, oil companies and cotton farmers lobbied against it. since a relative plant in the Cannabis genus also had psychotropic effects, the whole genus of plant was banned. This began as more than just a “drug” issue.

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