Medicinal Marijuana Sprouts


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Medicinal Marijuana SproutsMy sprouts which are 4 pre-98 bubbas and 3 corleon kush @ 18 days planted from femanized seeds. I am only going to use 3 of the pre-98 bubbas.

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  1. TheKronpowkid88 on

    Even clones off the seedlings that are 2 months dont yield as much as a clone off one of my mother that is 6 months old just something to take into account may start to get your yields up i mean cant expect a ton ya know your just starting out but im just talking for the future after you find a strain you really like and decide to keep i have 5 strains now but have been through man i would say around 15 strains thats not including my 5 mothers so it can be a long process of finding keepers

  2. TheKronpowkid88 on

    Awesome bro in my experience ive tossed seeds that were a month old into flower and used same strain same pack of seeds but vegged for 2 1/2 months the difference was night and day the 2 month old girls yielded a oz and a half more than the month old ones and really if you take clones before flower you get a more mature plant because a lets say you have a six month old plant its had time to mature and build hormones up the younger plants dont seem to yield as much this seems to only be the case

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