Medicinal Marijuana Legal Grow Almost Ready!!!


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Medicinal Marijuana Legal Grow Almost Ready!!!These plants are almost ready to go, with trich’s dripping off of them. I’m waiting for them to turn opaque, and then it’s harvest time. I already have 6 Ladies in Waiting, to put in their place asap. Sorry about the shitty camera work. It’s hard to look at my screen and my hand at the same time.

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  1. TheKronpowkid88 on

    The ones in the back have started to fox tale all of my strains do that about two weeks before harvest i do check the trichs and base harvest off them i like to have some amber’s and milky trichs get a even buzz that way be sure to flush at least 10 days otherwise you will get very harsh chemical taste i flush with general hydro’s flush worked way better for me than clearex did. The girls up front dont look near as done as the ones in the back i would take the girls in the back around week 9 but

  2. TheKronpowkid88 on

    The flush i cant stress enough you need to make sure the pot run lots of water off when you water and the test the water with the ppm meter you want the ppm’s very low i get my ppm down to 390 is as low as i can get it. This is the hardest part of the grow just waiting until its matures dont try to rush it let it or instantly think its gone to long get yourself a scope that can zoom to 100x i picked one up for $20 it zooms from 40x to 100x and has the typical light in it well worth it

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