Medicinal Marijuana Grow Day 55 from seed

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Medicinal Marijuana Grow Day 55 from seedAfter some very rigorous trimming, this is the result. I now have all of the bottom/middle buds getting an equal amount of light. I am thinking, if my “problem plant” doesn’t start producing more bud-spots by Saturday, I am simply going to take it out, and get rid of it. For whatever reason, it is very slow to grow, and if it continues like that, there is no reason in wasting the light on it, when there are so many other, more deserving little nugs that could use the extra lumens.

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  1. joeshowallme on

    @BlowSomeDank Yes. My State allows 12 plants to be grown, as well as 2.5 ounces of medicinal marijuana that is ready to smoke. I am looking into the legal aspect of selling my surplus to one of the many medicinal marijuana dispensaries that are close to where I live, once I start growing on a larger scale, but for right now, this first grow is just for my personal use.

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