Medicinal Marijuana Card – California


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Medicinal Marijuana Card - CaliforniaJust got my card .

19 comments on “Medicinal Marijuana Card – California

  1. Episcopicide on

    Whats good, breh breh? It’s Pigs.666 You should come on down to Nor Cal and visit Berkeley Patients Group and vape up with me man. Shoot the shit and whatnot. I’d like to talk philosphy and bullshit while gettin’ medicated out the ass. Peace.

  2. jehrising on

    i would do that if i could…unfortunately, i bet kansas will be the absolute last state to let me.

  3. Robstailey on

    FYI Senate Bill 420 states a patient can have no more than 6 mature or 12 immature plants.

    yea that’ll do

  4. ace1122tw on

    @jehrising No man you are wrong Utah will be the last. We are a red state run by mormons. Even our beer is shitty.

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