Medicinal Marijuana 2nd Grow

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Medicinal Marijuana 2nd GrowMy new grow along with some explanations and a couple of questions.

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  1. TheKronpowkid88 on

    Clone size but the big thing is the pot if you get a big one never need to transplant it again i let my mother go no more than a year but i have a friend his mother pushin 3 years and she is a beast of a plant more if a tree and really all you need to do is keep it healthy give it nutes some light and you have a plant that can give a ton of clones

  2. TheKronpowkid88 on

    Used it so yeah foxfarm the mother plant i would get her a nice big pot maybe her own little t5 light i use LED for my mother you seem to get more nodes so a bushier plant but the clones go under t5’s until they root anyway to get her bushy just give her a good topping when you do that all those lower branches shoot up and you got some clones every time its topped you get 2 more branches off each cut when they get to tall cut them back some but be sure you have time to get the branched to

  3. DARKVADE420 on

    try the technaflora nutes some time they have an easy cheap pack of nutes that give amazing results called the recipet for success im harvesting one once buds with this shit off of a 150w light lol.

  4. TheKronpowkid88 on

    It will have a planty smell but normally only for a few days if it was still on the wet side wen it was put in jars tgat can do it if its still wet leave it open longer each tim you burp i have spaced and left one of my jars open all day it did dry to fast so it got very harsh and but a hour wont hurt it if you do a hour you can split it up or just do a hour a day and fox farm is a good choice easy to use general hydro has the nova series thats kinda the same as fox farns stuff but i have never

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