Marijuana Legalization Is So Close – Support HR2306

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Marijuana Legalization Is So Close - Support HR2306(Don’t forget to check the patents pending at the bottom of this…..and go to our webpage for more studies on “the forbidden cure”. Zip file available.) HR 2306: Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011 Text: Contact your representative OFTEN! The more cosponsors there are, the better chance for a hearing. Get your representative to cosponsor this bill!!: Sign the “Let the End Marijuana Prohibition Act Get a Hearing” ~ Petition by NORML

2 comments on “Marijuana Legalization Is So Close – Support HR2306

  1. upaintthepicture on

    Oh come on. Have you SEEN what some of the people are doing and saying? And I’m not talking about the people against marijuana legalization. I’m talking about the people FOR legalization. Thinking that their rights are given to them through the fed. So many are still “hoping” that Obama will change. That right there tells you just why the committees are having such success with blocking the hearing. I personally give up on the “puff puff hope” type. They’ll get what they deserve -NOTHING!!

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