Man gets attacked by police for lighting medicinal marijuana


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Man gets attacked by police for lighting medicinal marijuanaJust prior to the beginning of this video Jamy the man on the ground lit a medicinal marijuana cigarette. The male cop asked him for his card but he didn’t have it on him, so he took him around the corner and slammed him into the wall (4 eye witnesses). This enduced the seizure and the screams from the crowd.

14 comments on “Man gets attacked by police for lighting medicinal marijuana

  1. 21AirDrop on

    From what I see in the video the cops show remarkable restraint at all the personal insults you throw at them. Cops are after all only human and can only take so much crap before they may snap.

  2. 21AirDrop on

    I wasn’t there so I will give you the benefit of the doubt. However, the shrieking yells from the crowd detract from ant impact you want to make. You all simply sound foolish. The guy on the ground looks like danger to himself and an overall psycho.

  3. Vercettislugger on

    Proof? Why was he tackled in the first place? Did he commit a crime or was there probable cause to suggest he committed? If that’s the case, the cops still showed remarkable restraint.

  4. genzigg386 on

    all those cops for 1 guy smoking a joint?? and your worried about liberal freaks,,your probably 1 of them cops right…the 1 dislike…did you take an oath to uphold the constitution?

  5. Redcontrollers on

    The only wrong doing I see is the crowd yelling at the cops while the cops are being calm.
    No one was attacked in this video

  6. SaucySoulSpinr on

    Cover what up? All I hear is someone yelling WHAT DID YOU DO? WHAT DID YOU DO? DID YOU HIT HIM? CALL AN AMBULANCE! Not one witness said on the video what really happened.

  7. beadwired on

    Lord have mercy!
    SHAME on Canada for their ignorant cannabis laws.
    Cannabis was created by God, our Creator.
    He makes NO mistakes. Genesis 1:29
    Cannabis is life giving to the sick.
    I’d be yelling to if I was there.
    Did you know many Canadian do not have the luxury of having a Dr to prescribe cannabis?
     So many Canadians who use cannabis as a medicine are currently breaking the law…
    But should we be jailing the sick for using cannabis as a basic human rights to survive?
    God help Canada!

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