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Legal Marijuana Grow From Seed 7 Days..wmvLegal Medicinal Marihuana Grow, day seven. As I mention, I started these seeds straight into the rock wool, seven days ago, and two are already 2″ tall and vibrant. I planted eight seeds total this way, as I can have 12 plants in all in my State. I was given about 70 seeds in a vial labeled “AK”, and picked out 8 of the darkest to plant, and all but two are coming up fast here. I am using a grow system called My Bloom Buddy, which is a self contained hydro system, allowing for 6 gallons of water

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  1. joeshowallme on

    @GoldenDiablo This box is called “My Bloom Buddy”, and came complete with four T5 lights and hydroponics system. I have done some work on it (added velcro to doors, added a second fan, and added MH light), but all in all, it is a good start up system, although a bit pricey, but it was complete. Very difficult to assemble though. I needed a second pair of hands to get it done.

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