~Kush Tower~


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~Kush Tower~This is probably my best video yet, displaying many many strains of kush, and other medicinal strains. Medicinal marijuana. Enjoy. New Mood Tracks. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!

6 comments on “~Kush Tower~

  1. alherchenreder on

    Good to see a vid from you man, looks like you’ve been busy lol. Some killer nugs you guys get up north. Enjoy the holidays!

    What was the 2nd song?

  2. CanadianChronic2121 on

    Marijuana , Mushrooms , Acid & Coke . Cant go 4 hours without having a toke , Everybody dis-respecting , like I’m a fucking joke , And I am no longer stoked . I am secretly choked , at my own friends , And this nightmare never ends , Living in this town , Bad vibes it sends , From morning , Til I go to sleep . Happiness is a bad fish that yoo cannot keep . I’m just a Black Sheep . I’ma hit this bong & Ima go to sleep .

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