Jesus loves reefer & pot heads too!

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Jesus loves reefer & pot heads too!What would Jesus do? He would legalize pot! Watch my video called “Wake and Bake wit Stiletto Stoner”. Go there to read the write up blip on the miraculous healing effects of cannabis. Truly a remarkable, safe healing plant. Also search for the video called “Run from the Cure”. Excellent story about a man’s journey to heal his own cancer with marijuana. Face and embrace the truth. This man is cured from cancer today. I believe it took him only a few months to regain his health. Empower yourself,

3 comments on “Jesus loves reefer & pot heads too!

  1. DiaShanti on

    @herecometrouble1994 Jesus rolls a mean Pregnant Mary. That is a big phatty in case ya didn’t know. His pin joints aren’t half bad either. But, his preferred way to toke is while taking a stroll on water with his bong…with chilled, iced red wine, of course. Okay…now it’s time for a sing-a-long…here we go…now EVERYBODY all together now! “Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells this ho. Little buds to Him belong; some are weak but mostly Indica stuffed in his bong. Yes Jesus…”

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