Is medicinal marijuana legal in florida?

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Medicinal Marijuana
test pilot asked:

A friend of mine says he has a friend with a prescription for marijuana written by a doctor here in florida. He said the marijuana was in a pellet shape and was taken internally rather than smoking it but with the same high and all other sensations including the munchies. I am of the thinking that this is untrue and medicinal marijuana is not legal in Florida.
so far everyone disagrees. please elaborate on your answer and back it up

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  1. ballet russe on

    No it isn’t legal in Florida. There is a synthetic prescription drug on the market called Marinol that is, of course legal in every state. That might be what your friend is talking about. If you go to the NORML website that I have linked below, you will see a column to the left that says State Laws, and under that it clearly states that there is no Medical Marijuana law. The last link below has a list of states that currently have medical marijuana programs, and Florida is not one of them. In fact, Florida seems to have some of the toughest, most regressive laws in the country, with mandatory minimums and misdemeanors for simple possession.

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