How is medicinal marijuana used?

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Medicinal Marijuana
The Big Bean asked:

i know u smoke it but whats it good for?

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  1. pat from ohio on

    ..mostly as an excuse to use marijuana since there are pharmaceutical to alleviate the symptoms that people claim marijuana is good for..
    Personally, I believe marijuana should be legal for everybody who wants to smoke. The govt. could make their tax money, pot dealers would be put out of business, and a great number of non-violent criminals could be out of the heavily clogged legal system.

    Since the use of marijuana is against federal law, states cannot simply legalize it’s use in any form. Federal laws need changed to allow the states to allow the will of their people to prevail.

  2. shadez b on

    Sometimes they give it to cancer patients. They are in pain a lot and don’t eat, giving it to them sometimes works with bringing back their appetites. I knot it also reduces the pressure behind the eye that causes glaucoma, but I don’t know if they prescribe marijuana for it.

  3. Pshh on

    Marijuana has no medical use whatsoever,,,That is why its illegal and doctors dont prescribe it to you…It also stays in your system for 30 days so it sucks if you have to get a drug test =/….just saying

  4. sh4rkst4r on

    Glaucoma, Insomnia, Treating pain from chemotherapy, Treating Nausea, Curing Hunger…basically it is absolutely WRONG that Marijuana is illegal, seeing as it is completely harmless.

  5. shawn m on

    theres a book called 1001 uses for marijuana! excellant book, i suggest buying a copy. u can find it at bookstores such as barnes&nobles,b-daltons. more of the larger book stores!!! awesome book with many recipes and remedies.GOD put it here for something?

  6. Kia on

    Today there are many who eat,smoke etc..
    for pain,spastic,cancer,seizures etc…

    2000 BC In Egypt, cannabis is used to treat sore eyes.

    1971 Drs. Hepler and Frank report that cannabis reduces intraocular pressure by up to 30%, thus helping glaucoma patients
    Drs. Hepler, Frank and Ungerleider publishes a study in the American Journal of Ophthalmology which finds that the use of marijuana is associated with a decrease in intraocular pressure.

  7. Coop <3 on

    This is a support paper by the American College of Physicians for the use of medical marijuana. It lists its uses and effects. I highly suggest that you at least look through it.

    Also, in addition to being smoked, marijuana can be consumed (as in ingested through your mouth to your stomach), or vaporized, which is the method of choice for people who use it for pain relief due to disorders like cystic fibrosis, as it eliminates the harmful smoke and delivers only the active ingredients.

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