How do you feel about the legalization of medicinal marijuana?

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Medicinal Marijuana
Hillary asked:

I am writing an essay on the legalization of medicinal marijuana.
I need opinions from both viewpoints.

If you support the legalization of MM, why?

If you do not support the legalization of MM, why not?


6 comments on “How do you feel about the legalization of medicinal marijuana?

  1. Person on

    I think its its fine because its being abused by people who dont need it anyway, so why deny it from people who actually do need it/ who would benefit from it?

  2. Ashley on

    I think that it should be legal to only patients who absolutely need it. (people that have cancer or glaucoma) and even then the amount should be minimal.

    The reason I think this is that it CAN be beneficial (as in pain management). It’s the way you use the drug though that determines whether it is or not.

  3. workhorse on

    I support it, there are much more harmful drugs on the market which people are being pumped full of for pain relief, there are opiates such as codeine which a readily available over the counter which in the long term can cause physical dependancy. It is a relatively safe drug opposed to some other, consider paracetamol(acetaminophen) for example, it has a lethal dose of 10g, which can easily be purchased in drug stores, marijuana has no lethal dose. When people have said in the past that marijuana causes mental illness, this is a crude misconception, it can trigger mental illness in some cases but not to the extent that anti marijuana campaigners make out. People will always do what they can to keep it illegal, in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s they made it look as though cannabis could make a person go insane, anti marijuana campaigners have taken advantage of the general ignorance of the public for years now, it really isn’t that bad, especially for medical use.

  4. What Ever on

    I support it because if i really needed it i would want to have it if that’s what’ll make the sickly happy why keep nit from them

  5. SmileBabyGirl on

    Maybe it’s just because I’m a smoker but I think it should be legalized. There are countries out there that have it legalized and they have a lower drug-related crime rate then the US does..

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