G420G Happy St. Patricks Day (+ Up coming vids)


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G420G Happy St. Patricks Day (+ Up coming vids)I had this ready to be uploaded on actual St. Patricks day but youtube decided to be a fuck and the upload manager wasn’t working for a couple days and put my videos on halt. Sorry for the delay its not St. Patricks day anymore but yall should watch it and toke a bowl to it anyways. If you guys want more medicating videos with discussions about medicinal benifits to cannabis or grow discussions give this video a thumbs up and suggest it in the comments!! Thanks for watching world don’t forget th

6 comments on “G420G Happy St. Patricks Day (+ Up coming vids)

  1. FaTxNiNja on

    like and favourite man i love these videos :) and psh downs just today who you kiddin 😛 <3


    Spoken like a true stoner. Should make a game to take a hit every time you say the word “fucken”. Haha

  3. lettucetoke on

    Forgot the intro too. Wtf! Can’t wait for cloning vid. Awesome St Patty’s day vid 5x over. 🙂

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