Feds: Abandon Your Gun Rights For Using Your ‘Legal’ Medicine


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Feds: Abandon Your Gun Rights For Using Your 'Legal' MedicineReal News @ RevolutionNews.US — ATF shifts blame It’s Congress fault marijuana users can’t own guns… Video: Marijuana Activist Debates Former ATF Head on Second Amendment Topics: Act ♦ alcohol tobacco and firearms ♦ gun control act ♦ marijuana policy project ♦ memo ♦ substance Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) director Mike Sullivan appeared Monday on Fox News to defend a memo sent gun dealers in the United States. He claimed the agency was only following laws passed by

7 comments on “Feds: Abandon Your Gun Rights For Using Your ‘Legal’ Medicine

  1. Otzmatron on

    Let’s bring back Jefferson from his grave and ask him to hand in his rifle while he’s smoking hemp in his pipe. See what he thinks about it.

  2. rolovolo on

    The USA Military/CIA is running and protecting the profitable,
    societal destructive and mortal opium business in the middle east,
    the cocaine business in latin-america,
    while millions of Americans are in jail for smoking an amazingly healing medicinal herb…

  3. mrgeestacksalot on

    This is total horse shit. FUCK YOU.
    The more stoners with Weapons is better.
    I could see how maybe towards alcoholics this could potentially apply, but for stoner weed heads?… This is a sick joke. incase this is unclear.

  4. matthewdruid420 on

    The ATF is a criminal organization which has killed thousands of people on both sides of the US/Mexico border. Why would anyone pay attention to them. Purify the second amendment, now! End the ATF, end the fed, end government intervention in our lives, now!

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