Episode Six “Bill C10”

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Episode Six I’ve been trying to get legal, or even quasi-legal, access to medicinal cannabis for almost a year. I admit to having been an off-and-on recreational user in the past, and I’m an advocate for an end to cannabis prohibition; I see no reason to keep it illegal for adults to consume recreationally, and the absurd difficulty of getting legal medicinal access is, for most potential beneficiaries, still no different from full prohibition – despite Federal support of cannabis as medicine. I am not usin

3 comments on “Episode Six “Bill C10”

  1. JackDraak on

    I’ve heard different things… (i.e. some people aren’t getting their replacement cards?) but I don’t have any direct personal evidence I can share (yet). My papers should be ready to file in about a month (oh that reminds me, just got my passport photos today so I need to send that all off to the clinic)…. stay in-touch and I’ll keep you up to date.

  2. LongBean420 on

    hello nice plants you have, just wondering, im going through the loooong process of trying to get my MMAR card, now that the bill Cocksucker-10 went through is it still posible to get the card?

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