Doctors Take Stance Against ADHD as ‘Study Drug’


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Doctors Take Stance Against ADHD as 'Study Drug'The American Academy of Neurology warns against a trend of ‘neuroenhancement.’

9 comments on “Doctors Take Stance Against ADHD as ‘Study Drug’

  1. tejolson92 on

    It’s funny that you would call me a child when your sense of morality is pre-conventional. You don’t even understand the nature of your wrong doing. It seems the anonymity of internet has allowed ignorance to flourish. I am here to correct bad behavior from ignorant people such as yourself.

  2. tejolson92 on

    I’m not buying that there is such a thing as ADHD. I’ve babysat for my cousins daughter and she was pretty hyper. My cousin was thinking about putting her on the medication, so I had to step in and mess with her daughters head a bit to get her to calm down. It worked, she calmed down without the drugs. Stay away from that medicine, we don’t know what it does.

  3. Muppetmuscles1 on

    There ARE effects to marijuana. Marijuana is proven to to cause short term memory loss and inattention- which are the same symptoms that people with ADHD want to elimate.

  4. 2bRealist on

    There is soooo much more to marijuana than getting “high”

    You can NOT get high by ingesting RAW unprocessed, non-heated extracted marijuana oil, but you do get LOTS of healthy side effects.

    I should know.. I’ve been a medicinal consumer of cannabis for nearly 2 DECADES!! (saved my life)

    FYI.. short term memory loss is rare and temporary, and only while “under the influence”

  5. 2bRealist on

    Ingested Marijuana is WAY MORE EFFECTIVE and with NO side effects (no high) compared to pharmaceutical drugs.

  6. Jacob Marek on

    Well that escalted quickly. You blatantly insult me and other like me. I ask can I slap you? And you respond very violently. How old are you kid? 14? 15? Grow up before you enter the real world.

  7. EQ smooth on

    Effective for what? what did you consider a side effect? The highest I ever got on any “medicine” or rec drug was pot brownies. There is something seriously wrong w/you. People INGEST pot for the high and THEY ALWAYS WILL, YOU DUMB FUCKER. don’t spread misinfo even if YOU think it is funny.

  8. Jacob Marek on

    Can i slap you? ADHD isn’t necessarily hyperactivity. It is so much more. And so much more dangerous. Maybe your example child didn’t have ADHD but kids with it tend to abuse drugs even before they know they have it. They can’t keep jobs, they can’t get good grades. And they can’t socialize well.

  9. tejolson92 on

    If you slapped me I would rip your ears off and stomp you on the curb. But lets not talk about that, lets talk about meeting each other. Where do you live?

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