Do you think Medicinal Marijuana should be legal?

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Medicinal Marijuana

My personal belief is like it’s a no brainer? It should be completley legal as it’s no more harmful then alcahol and definatly not then ciggerettes and seeing as it’s not as addicting as either. It also has medicinal benefits. What do you think?

6 comments on “Do you think Medicinal Marijuana should be legal?

  1. Dr.Greenthumb on

    Yes medically and recreational uses.
    There is no reason that it should not be.
    even my 11 yr old understands the many uses for this plant.
    Wake up USA and smell the Ganja

  2. digital_nomad on

    Understand this – Medical Marijuana is only prescribed to SICK people – this is like 1% of the entire population of USA.
    I know people get excited about MM- but it is NOT legalizing it for everyone – just the sick people.

    So yes, it should be legal for doctors to prescribe to sick people.

  3. IronSerenity on

    Marijuana should be legalized, medical or recreational.

    Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen because that would create jobs. It would also stimulate the economy because in the off chance that it WOULD happen, they would tax it to death as a deterrent.

    And we all know that the world government wants all of us down and out and poor as shit when they decide to reveal their secret societies.

  4. SCOTT M on

    It should definitely be legal.

    I know many doctors say we don’t need medical marijuana because we have drugs that are just as effective in treating nausea from chemo and certain other painful conditions. I know two people who used marijuana to treat both nausea and pain. It was far better than the other drugs that are available by prescription.

  5. homedaddy66 on

    absolutely it should be legal.go out and SCREAM it in the streets legalize freedom! we’ve got to band together and take this message to the man ……………WE NEED THE WEED!!!!!!!!!!

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