Day 54 Medicinal Marijuana Grow AK47 from seed


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Day 54 Medicinal Marijuana Grow AK47 from seedMy attempt at training for more buds. I have manipulated the hell outta these 4 female plants, and that has given me much shorter plants, and a lot more bud spots starting to form. I am trying to keep everything under the light, so have to group the plants together. I have cut a piece of chicken wire and placed it, using Velcro, right above the plants, so they don’t get too close to the light. The system I am using, which is called The My Bloom Buddy, or My Grow Buddy, depending on where you loo

5 comments on “Day 54 Medicinal Marijuana Grow AK47 from seed

  1. BlowSomeDank on

    If you took the time to trim it so the lower buds could get light you could yield a lot more and get more crystal production.

  2. DARKVADE420 on

    @BlowSomeDank my last plant was 4 foot tall with a 150w hps and it was caked in thc i dont think plant size detiermines crystal output .The strain and the nutes you are using will increase that.

  3. joeshowallme on

    @BlowSomeDank I’ve trimmed it a lot already. Am thinking about doing it again, tonight. Some people are saying to never trim the leaves, and others say to do it. In my situation, I pretty much have to, or I don’t get any light at all below the canopy.

  4. BlowSomeDank on

    @joeshowallme The only reason you would not trim the leaves is if you wanted to make a lot of hash. But with this Huge plant most of the leaves aren’t gonna have the crystals to produce any. It’s lookin real good though keep it up!

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