Creator of, Lincoln Horsley, interviews “Brave” Mykayla & her parents


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Creator of, Lincoln Horsley, interviews For more info on cannabis oil go to On March 26th 2013 I was able to interview “Brave” Mykayla Comstock and her parents Brandon and…

5 comments on “Creator of, Lincoln Horsley, interviews “Brave” Mykayla & her parents

  1. keeeeeely on

    So shocking that they have to put her through traditional ‘medical’ treatments!! As her parents, they should be able to decide whether or not this should happen.

  2. Lincoln Horsley on

    That’s the US medical system for you. They poison kids legally and make people like us criminals. Eventually history will show that modern medicine practices will be compared to blood letting from back in the day.

  3. EssiacHempLaetrile on

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  4. EssiacHempLaetrile on

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    Kitty Miller, Kit-Tea’s Herbal Remedies

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