Can a professional athlete use medicinal marijuana?

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Medicinal Marijuana
Jimmy asked:

Say if Kobe Bryant uses it to cure his (insert illness here), and he obtains a prescription from his doctor, would he be able to use marijuana? Would the NBA disallow him from playing if he does so?

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  1. Lost on planet earth on

    ok here goes.. the racer is in the heat.. just as he rounds the last corner he suddenly has a down in his high he is unable to continue his pace and loses……

  2. Truth Addict on

    Marijuana possession is still a federal crime. While it may be legal for medical use in a minority of states, it is not completely accepted. Therefore, if a professional athlete was using marijuana, he would be violating federal laws (and laws in the various states in which he played) as well as the rules as agreed when he signed his contract. He would be punished or terminated.

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