BIG ANNOUNCEMENT & 18+ Shout Outs (Part 1) Long & Well Worth It! Vlog#28


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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT & 18+ Shout Outs (Part 1) Long & Well Worth It! Vlog#28Extra Long Unscripted BIG ANNOUNCEMENT Shout Outs (Part 1) Vlog#28 Watch this long love packed toke and talk Three full pages of shout outs long over due!!* Read Everything Below for Direct Info of each persons channel I mentioned or a video I refer too. Thanks for watching! (PART TWO TO BE POSTED ON 2-24-2013*) Sorry Took All Day to Upload! Shout Outs & Video/ Channel Shout Outs in Order “Below” 😉 KoloradoKush970 / Video Reference: RLCDesigns / OLD STUFF ABOUT M

30 comments on “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT & 18+ Shout Outs (Part 1) Long & Well Worth It! Vlog#28

  1. Stoner Morrison on

    I love Angie <3 and you, thanks girl, I appreciate all you love and support as well girl, so much so, blessings and love to you forever and always. Your so special girllll!!! you make me smile and want to be better, a better person etc..

  2. MsChronicChronicles on

    ARE YOU CRACKING THE FUCK? LOL.. ;) It MAKES ME LAUGH KNOWING WHERE YOUR CRACKING The FUCK lol* ( i felt so silly.. rant fabulous*) So I Love Lucy Style..

  3. KoloradoKush970 on

    Great vid! I didin’t think it was a hard watch at all! Thank you so much for spreading the love. Happiest Highs to you! Big hug =)

  4. Sue Peterson on

    You would make an awesome DJ!  🙂 Or better yet, a stand-up comedian! Loved this vlog! You go girl!

  5. MsChronicChronicles on

    oh dude// you have more ( a challenge video request) for second part = already recorded – I HAVE TWO MORE PAGES TO READ MISSY* 😉 Think No Doubt SOng… You will .. see… 😉 big Hug!!

  6. CptHwdy2013 on

    Thanks so much for the shout out and highlightin Alchemist! He’s a good dude! Enjoy that DWC system and juicing! The plant with change your life for the better!

  7. Stoner Morrison on

    I loved it alll the way through!!! awesome, pure awesomeness. true Gypsy queen cannabis pirate princess ha ha ha <3

  8. xx420Alchemistxx on

    wow, your awesome and now the world is going to see too. thank you for being kind and thoughtful. check out MMR #17 when it loads up later today. i talked alittle about the juicing and things i know so far from what ive read. take care my friend. 🙂

  9. Jamie Leigh on

    UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM wait, where is my pardody vid??? This gal with a HUGE SENSE OF HUMOR about herself is wanting to see it! and on the kate winslet reference, i thought i was the only one who got that? see, we are soul mates i knew it. you are BEAUTIFUL and so much like me… can’t wait for other vid… <3

  10. MsChronicChronicles on


  11. MsChronicChronicles on

    😉 yea. feel free to send a video reply on here* i will add some of your info and mention you to my friends reply video I am sending tomorrow. Thank you for watching*

  12. MsChronicChronicles on

    YEA* FO REALS MISSY* WE SHOU*LD We can chat soonnn* HUGS& thank you missy for your kindness ( you inspired me to make this video*) Your on the list* 😉

  13. Jasmine Ellis on

    love a duck i block your ass laughing my ass off
    you are one fun lady to listen too
    loved this video you put a big smile on this cold sunday
    thank you dear for the mention your awesome
    hugs kisses

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