Ascent Vaporizer Vapor Demo


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Ascent Vaporizer Vapor Demo Nika demonstrates the vapor production of the new Ascent Vaporizer from DaVinci.

30 comments on “Ascent Vaporizer Vapor Demo

  1. Blasphenomenon on

    Product looks phenomenal but the video was shot and edited very poorly. I could barely see what was going on half the time. That being said, I am very excited for the Ascent.

  2. Alex Minert on

    If Davinci say needs an editor in exchange for a free sponsored Ascent vaporizer I would be happy to help with these videos the editing quality is not exactly great for a professional company

  3. Macdawg347 on

    This looks AMAZING and I can’t wait to see more video, of any quality really, but seriously IS the camera man drunk lol you can be honest and say yes, I don’t mean to be an ass but literally the quality of the camera shots here are below the par of almost every single video on YouTube… I was really excited to see some things that should have been the main center shot but were actually way off camera and I was stuck looking at things like the LIGHT SWITCH instead of the actual vape hahaha

  4. Joe Mama on

    When are they available? And how about a video NOT shot by a drunk monkey that gives us all the technical specs. Less “mint leaves” and more product info.

  5. bonapartist on

    Thanks for finally getting us a video but I’ve seen high school kids with better production.

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