Alternative intake of medicinal marijuana?

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Medicinal Marijuana
Bob Arctor asked:

If you have glaucoma and you want to take marijuana but not damage your lungs, or just don’t want to smoke it, can you take it other ways such as mixing in tea etc. and still have the medicinal effects?

5 comments on “Alternative intake of medicinal marijuana?

  1. Leann C on

    Some of my stoner friends eat it by making “pot brownies”. Don’t know if the medicinal effects are the same. They report that they still get high when they do it this way.

  2. Andy J on

    You can mix it with food… best way is to cook it in some type of oil. Like with brownies you want to double the oil content and cook the MJ in it untill it is almost black and burnt looking, the oil will turn pretty dark. Make sure you strain it and then just cook your brownies, cake, or whatever else.

    I hear you can do it with butter too. It’s not really good for tea because it is fat soluable and not water soluable… meaning if you cook it, the water does not hold the THC, only the oils

    and yes, it is still very effective… it makes your ‘high’ slightly different though. you like feel it in your whole body and it actually lasts alot longer too!

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