2nd Longest Dab on YouTube?

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2nd Longest Dab on YouTube?BEST IN 720p – YouTube editing sucks…sometimes the music plays, sometimes it doesn’t. Sorry about that guys. Me going big on my little Dirty Rico stemless showerhead with a new custom oil dome that a friend made for me. The piece I used for the inline style dome is pretty much identical to the tube used for the “stemless” downstem on the piece, making the dome a mirror of the piece itself. I think it looks pretty slick. I may take a bit off the top to shorten it up and make slam-dunks easier.

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  1. knottyy on

    @mafiaman777 Have a glass blower order 1 male 14mm ground glass joint, and two female 18mm joints. I say two 18mm female cause you’re going to step up the size to accommodate a larger nail/dome for better airflow and bigger/better dabs. Have them attach the two male parts butt to butt. Then cut the tube off the other 18mm female joint (they come about 4″ long) with a Dremel and then sand it down smooth with a diamond grit sander and add a beveled edge. Last flame polish the lip and dab away.

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