Smoking Weed pot comedy show Ep41Part2


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Smoking Weed pot comedy show Ep41Part2Smoking Weed pot comedy show. This part features funny stoner pictures, a Frank Zappa marijuana quote, plus a humorous skit about the world’s oldest cannabis stash, then some reefer music with rapper Coolie High.

12 comments on “Smoking Weed pot comedy show Ep41Part2

  1. pyledog on

    d-smoke nice shave job bro, thanks for showin me the letter opener too mick. i always wondered what that was.

  2. b52goats on

    @pencildives Nice comeback, did that take you a while to write? Go smoke some weed you ignorant piece of shit, or don’t more for me.

  3. pencildives on

    Frank Zappa was against marijuana prohibition. The point he was trying to make is that pot is useless, which it is unless you want to be retardedly happy for an hour then fall asleep.


    Retards on weed, are ”retardedly” happy for an hour and fall asleep, Most people experience a different mind state in which you become creative, social, inspired, full of emotions, peaceful, motivated for art, science, and generally get a boost on thinking about important things in life! not to speak for it’s medical purposes. Zappa along with other people are just ignorants!

  5. b52goats on

    @pencildives Time is no issue on the internet my friend, still stupid I see, try again in another 9 months.

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