Master Bong – Medical Marijuana strain Hindu Skunk #1


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Master Bong - Medical Marijuana strain Hindu Skunk #1 weed effects | marijuana strains | pot strains | weed strains | cannabis strains | weed sativa| weed pictures | 420 strains | medical marijuana strains | thc strains | marijuana facts | volcano vaporizer Get ready for the ride of a life with this strain, it will take you up and then drop you off only to pick you right back up. We had a great time doing this report, laughing the whole way through. I would say that we were a little extra happy thought this experience and we n

15 comments on “Master Bong – Medical Marijuana strain Hindu Skunk #1

  1. Ghostkilla360sf4 on

    how can i pass a urine drug test i got 30 days last time i balzed it was 5 days ago..its my last drug test i need to pass it and i cant bring anything with me bcuz my po checks me…please reply asap thanks keep toking….

  2. MasterBong08 on

    @Potemtole if u liked this video you should check out the newest strain review coming out, we shot it with a green screen… im juiced

  3. MasterBong08 on

    @nboch123 hard to say my friend there are so many new strains that continue to blow my mind… but ive always LOVED some SOUR D done right!

  4. Potemtole on

    thanks for a proper review, so many people say they review but they just smoke and leave, lol. Nothing like blue balls from reefer. Thanks for the detailed description. Very heady and nice :P. Warm behind the eyes, I like this versitile strain!

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