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MARIJUANA EFFECTS ON YOUR SKULLCANDYPot heads are getting dumber according to tests. NO KIDDING! Who would have thought that marijuana made a person more dumb? Marijuana, marijuana effects, marijuana effects on the brain, effects of marijuana, Hurricane Isaac, Hurricane Katrina, Empire State Building shooting, Neil Armstrong, Neil Armstrong death, Will.I.Am, Will.I.Am Reach For The Stars, Kate Upton, Kate Upton Skullcandy, Kate Upton Pictures, Kate Upton Swimsuit 2012 HD, Carl’s Jr, Sara Jean Underwood, Sara Jean Underwood commerc


  1. Mathias Sorrow on

    I’m sure this was a genuine study because we all know that anti-cannabis groups would never lie to us….. don’t we ?

  2. DrewPwnage on

    I’m in Louisiana mike and thanks for the support, I’m on the north shore so hopefully it’s not bad here like it probably will be in NOLA! Great vid

  3. MichaelWarbux on

    I’m sure it does do all of those things. I know it also makes you lazy. I’ve seen quite a few heavy pot smokers in my day lol

  4. MichaelWarbux on

    Nah. It’s if you did it once or twice an hour is when you’d have to take a look at yourself.

  5. MichaelWarbux on

    They must’ve stepped their game up. I used to sell them back in the day and they were garbage.

  6. Smukeyz on

    I smoke weed every day and I’m a teenager. I am not trying to be “cool” or “different”. I’ve been doing it for the last 2 and a half years and I have NOT noticed any kind of mental or physical effects. And as a matter of fact, I am high as hell right now.

  7. TheFatrix03 on

    Curiosity is NOT playing the song on the moon. It is simply beaming it to earth. 5 mins of research and u would know this. Once again this guy got his facts wrong. I’m gona call him mike wrongbux from now on.

  8. Weaver139PSN on

    Loved it and I live in Mississippi down in the Gulfport area gulf coast and were getting hit bad right now but great show

  9. RykComerford on

    When I see an ad or commercial with a hot model in it, couldn’t care less about the product they are selling. I’ve only tried pot twice, it didn’t do anything for me. But I have heard people say consistent pot use can rob you of motivation, make you lethargic and apathetic.

  10. OrnellaAydyli123 on

    Oh god, and a lot of idiots want to legalize this crappy plant drug. What’s the point in doing drugs, it doesn’t help you in anything, you lose money, its fucking useless and I don’t find it cool either. Most kids in England nowadays smoke tabacco, marijuana and drink alcohol. It makes me sick when I see a 12 year old already with a cigerette and all they have to say is “YOLO!”

  11. absies1998 on

    surely all these scientists would have been smart enough to do the same test on non pot smokers to compare results? obviously not then!

  12. Santel Gotch on

    My thoughts on marijuana: who the fuck cares?! I dont do it. I never have. You might as well ask me my thoughts on whats the best way to get pounded in the butt: with a sandpaper condom or a broken glass shards condom??

  13. getplanny on

    the cops in N.Y. did more damage than the shooter. The cops wounded 9 innocent bystanders, including killing the shooter

  14. DennisB01MC on

    meh, there is many different types of skullcandy’s though but the ones i’ve got are pretty awesome can’t lie

  15. MichaelWarbux on

    Marijuana does have some medical benefits honestly. If a person uses it for glaucoma or sleep disorders, then it’s fine. But to smoke weed just because you have nothing better to do is just dumb to me.

  16. kaylawesome2 on

    FINALLY YOUR BACK!!!! I missed you, I missed you so much I missed you SO FREAKIN MUCH lol glad yor back

  17. allthelostones on

    I am glad the hurricane wont be so bad 🙂 I heard about the shooting in New York I was also surprised a lot of people didn’t talk about it. Another horrible shooting was in Virginia the first day back at school a kid brought a shot gun and shot a student. To many shootings lately…

  18. Ac30fSp4d3s1 on

    No1 is probly going to see this, but its worth it.My dad doesnt have much in life,and he could possible lose everything for Issac.Please, if you could just say a prayer for him, i couldn’t thank you enough.Thanks lots, Jacob.. 😀

  19. MichaelWarbux on

    Blame the blog info. If you would’ve checked the link, you’d see what I was talking about.

  20. in10forever on

    Possibly the least educated comment I have heard in a while.

    Cannabis does not kill brain cells. The only study to ever support this claim was the original study where pure cannabis smoke was pumped into monkeys instead of oxygen.

    You do not lose permanent memory/motor skills/etc from smoking it. Cannabis can provoke schizophrenia if you are already borderline. It can also slow down brain development which doesn’t matter if you are over 18.

  21. ravenwolfgang1969 on

    some pot smokers from the teens end up experimenting with other drugs when they get older… not to mention if they were put on medications for psychiatric issues.. these things as well aren’t accounted for.. i wonder what that study would look like in the end…

  22. Mathias Sorrow on

    Well, if this is the story that came out in the past 2 days from a New Zealand research institute you’ve got the details a little reversed. The study claimed that teenagers who smoked cannabis, even moderately, tasted lower IQs later in life. People who smoked the same amounts from 18 onwards showed no measurable difference from those who didn’t.
    Quite how the ‘researchers’ got permission from the parents to let them give their young children illegal drugs for 20 years they don’t explain.

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