Keak da Sneak Smoking

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Keak da Sneak SmokingFollow @DS_Pictures, @KeakDaSneak, @LDTHEGREAT916 See the video at Behind the scene’s footage of GLOCK ft Keak da Sneak and Yung Ray by LD the Great. The video is a diss record toward TYGA and the NEW BOYZ! Keak takes a break from filming the music video to smoke a blunt of some Capital City Marijuana with some beautiful ladies. Filmed on location in Sacramento, CA by Diego of DS Pictures. Keep an eye on the look out for GLOCK ft Keak da Sneak by LD the Great COMING SOON!

8 comments on “Keak da Sneak Smoking

  1. 11austinc on

    this nigguh dumb hes dissin tyga and new boyz tyga is 100% better at rappin and new boyz r juss to fresh to be dissin

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