Free Weed growing software and rrf update


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Free Weed growing software and rrf updateFree Growing software and update on Russian Rocket Fuel grow. Automatic marijuana plants. Pictures of bud are of a few auto kush plants. Quick update on my seeded female weed.

7 comments on “Free Weed growing software and rrf update

  1. ainemacdermot on

    Any thoughts on growing a pot of marigolds among the pots of pot? You can make marigold tea to help act as protection against insect infestation, just as veggie gardeners do.

  2. BetterOverallSystem on

    @ainemacdermot I will now, I have the outdoors plants coming up in a couple weeks, I’ll grab a coup[le extra for in the house
    thanks for the idea!

  3. ziggieization on

    Nice to see you back bro hope all is well with you…the grow looks real nice and the stress test looks cool and would like to see more of that… thanks for the software also PEACE

  4. Thorlos13 on

    Thanks for the cool vid and software hook up. Unfortunatly window wont let me open it says its to much a risk. didnt even give me the option thr bastards. Rock on i am enjoying your vids,peace.

  5. ainemacdermot on

    Another idea borrowed from conventional gardening: when you begin curing your pot, add an apple to a paper bag full of buds. The apple gives off a gas that helps tomatoes ripen, and I’m thinking the same would be true for buds… worth experimenting with, I think.

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