Amendment 64 & Girl Scout Cookies


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Amendment 64 & Girl Scout CookiesVaporizing on some Girl Scout Cookies, talking about the final recommendations from the Amendment 64 Task Force. And that’s what they are – recommendations. …

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  1. Mike Dawson on

    i supply  a wide range of strains such as Purple kush, bluberry kush, Lemon Haze, MG 39, AK 47, Bubble gum, Northern Lights, Black Pioson,Juicy Fruit,Purple Nepal,Purple Passion,Purple Pussy,Purple Urkle,Domino,Raspberry ,King Kong ,K.O Kush,

    Killa Crip Kush and Silver Haze etc



  2. jjking333 on

    Hey when the fuck are you and your brother getting back together. There is no reason to be apart. You guys made great videos together. You both brought something cool to the videos and now its always like there is something missing. And its you bro.

  3. chomidore3 on

    there should be a way to switch the r3dband 40k subs to this channel, because dan doesn’t deserve them.

  4. DWC annabis on

    Durban is an old ass strain. I find it hard to believe that someone has the first Durban cross after all these years lol. Not to mention Durban is the same thing as Durban poison. From what I’ve gathered, the genetics are this:
    (Cherry Pie x Durban Poison) F1 x OG Kush
    F1 = first gen. F2 = 2nd gen, and so on. S1 = self pollinated female. Not sure if you understood the terminology. Peace

  5. Wrumpz on

    BayArea is referring to cuts/clone and certain phenotypes. anyone can breed an og x f1dp but it still won’t be the same pheno as what started all the craze, which is the thin mint cut. I’m pretty sure you see plat cookies, fortune cookies, and forum cut cookies everywhere.

  6. DWC annabis on

    Don’t feel bad. That is actually pretty good in most places. I’ve been charged $65 8th. In my area zips go for 250-350 and QPs go for 900-1200. I’ve even seen $25 grams, but that was only for a few months when the area was super dry.

  7. theguythatcouldfly on

    I’ve heard that the places that have it keep it off the shelves – reserved for the VIPs!

  8. DWC annabis on

    Man, I would love to get some Girl Scout Cookies in my garden. Unfortunately I have about 15-20 strains in seed form waiting their turn.

  9. TheCreativConnosseur on

    1:38 “it’s like I’m waiting for the thin man, yea, the Samoa mmmmmm”… You sure have a unique way of describing the taste

  10. MsCanadianCannabis on

    We have GSC here in Vancouver, BC. Ya a Californian made the strain famous, but that doesn’t mean it ceases to exist outside of that area. .
    So ya I agree…. Bullshit. 😉

  11. Thatkushkid ttk on

    I think it’s awesome for them to be separated. Not necessarily cool for their relationship, but when they do solo video’s i personally get to hear two different opinions on different subjects. And get to know themselves better. Fuck the haters Mark. You and Dan both are still awesome to watch

  12. BayAreaBud420 on

    I actually do understand feminized seeds, and yeah there may be OG Kush in seed form ,but it sure is not the elite clone only OG’s we got over here in Cali. Also, pieguy420, the breeder of GSC, said HIMSELF that GSC was his F1 Durban Poison crossed with his FloRidah OG Kush. aint no cherry pie in GSC. Cherry Pie is F1 Durban Poison crossed with GDP. To have clones of these cuts you have to be in the circle with pieguy420 and Berner.

  13. Danni Buds on

    good to see another video! I really wish Australia would hurry up and pull there act together to introduce legal marijuana, laws are strict and prices are high, average price for an ounce is $250 for shwag, you want what you call “top shelf bud” your looking as high as $320 for an ounce!

  14. BayAreaBud420 on

    real cookie is clone only. any seeds you see are fake. cookie is F1 Durban Poision x Floridah (s. florida OG Kush) anyway.

  15. DWC annabis on

    You must not understand feminized seeds. I just explained how a clone only strain ends up being in seed form. OG Kush used to be clone-only too, now it’s everywhere. Evidently nobody can agree on the genetics, however if you check out any notable strain reviewer you will see OG Kush x Cherry Pie x Durban Poison almost every time. You can put an F1 into seed form. I do it all the time.

  16. chomidore3 on

    nope I’ve watched them since they first started posting videos together, just annoying that he hogs the channel, that’s all

  17. StinkyColas on

    200mg edible just doesn’t do it for me, and if it’s recreational use it really needs to be a couple of those

  18. DWC annabis on

    You can order the seeds from attitude seedbank. they are out of stock right now.

    If you’re looking for bud, there is a few apps you can download for your phone that will show you the strains/dispensaries in your area.

  19. DWC annabis on

    Have you ever seeded a mother with its own pollen, and then grown those seeds out? I don’t know about you, but with me I always ended up with pretty uniform S1 plants that were very similar to the mother. I just read the PieGuy420/Swerve rip-off (which is where I got my info, I guess – from Swerve’s circle).

  20. DWC annabis on

    I’m not in Cali so I have to use my best judgement. I’ve always had good luck with Cali Connection, Swerve is a respected breeder and has a pretty good reputation considering how difficult it is to keep your customers happy as a seed company. However he is running a company, so I can see why he would want to capitalize off of it. There is really no way for me personally to have any proof so I have to go with the guy who has a reputation to look after.

  21. FonsoRich7 on

    A”Cali” guy didn’t make the strain famous its where it originated, if you guys have it in another place that’s good for you just remember where it started 😉 Cali in the Bay Area to be exact.

  22. Vercin Getorix on

    What?.. There are Cali breeders that sell GSC seeds online, you do realize that right?.. A lot of dispensaries have it now.

  23. DWC annabis on

    He has an F1 Durban Poison? So he created the old ass South African strain AND GSC? Sounds plausible…

    F1 = first batch of seeds from a NEW cross.

  24. DWC annabis on

    You’re misinformed, sir. I have SFV OGK in my closet right now and I’m not in Cali. Strains spread, dude. People share clones. All it takes is for one person to seed that clone and BAM… it’s in every grow tent/room/garden in the nation.. or even the world. I’m going to be making some videos explaining how to produce offspring from a female plant w/o the male counter-part if you would like to learn how that process works. Peace! You can even make your own GSC by crossing (OGKxDurbanPxCherry)

  25. prayforthesun on

    The marijuana AND hemp industry will both stomp on the tobacco industry, and many other evil intended companies.


    whats your opinion on the situation with the UN trying to shut down legalization? and would the cannabis retail store’s restrict high THC products to regular people?

  27. BlameVape on

    Im from the bay area and here the cookies are amazing the dispensary I go to there ridiculous even the owner says its the best hes seen sooo frosty

  28. catshumpcats3 on

    How old do you think people have to be too smoke or eat edibles?
    I think at any age people should be allowed
    By the time I have kids you best bet they will smoke weed if they want too
    I’m not going to hold it or hide it from my kids
    That’s the same thing my father did was hide his drug use (including weed but not just weed)
    So I guess I am asking if you have kids are you going to let them smoke weed?

  29. DWC annabis on

    *face palm*
    When you feminize a cut, the traits will carry over into the offspring with very little pheno variation. No, it’s not every seed is going to be 100% identical, but neither is a clone from one garden to another, one light source to another, one growing medium to another, etc… Who cares if it looks slightly different? It’s still the same strain.

  30. Thc Tyler on

    The real girl scout cookies were done by growers in the bay area people think girl scout is the og kush and Durban poison but the real girl scout cookies is the f1durban crossed over with ogkush Berner a rap star known off Taylor gang gave the explanation.

  31. BayAreaBud420 on

    well have fun getting your genetics and info from swerve. he has some fake ass GSC in seed form.

  32. John Nesgaard on

    Thank you for keeping me up to date on the way things are working for you in your home state. I find it quite interesting
    John -Van Island canada

  33. StinkyColas on

    mmm girl scout cookies is some good stuff I heard from a friend of mine that a place on broadway has some

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