4/20 Smoke-Out 2013 Update!


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4/20 Smoke-Out 2013 Update!It looks like one of the the biggest “420” pot parties in Colorado will be shut down again in 2013, despite recreational marijuana having been legalized last…

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  1. BiophysicalChemist on

    Of course physical addiction occurs, but in order to induce a physiological dependence on a substance it has to be done regularly in high doses and also must have a method of physiological addiction. Marijuana doesn’t have that method, but certain other dopaminergic drugs do such as heroin and cocaine. Even then, the psychological addiction that is tied to the individual’s circumstance is what manifests first and creates the physical addiction, and it’s not substance specific.

  2. KeenanKaos on

    No one should have to eloquently explain why they want to put something into their own body, the burden of an explanation needs to be on people who think their own personal decisions are so great that everyone should be forced to make the same ones by LAW.

  3. Greg Narten on

    You’re not being judgmental? Sure, Lisa. I’m not criticizing you, I’m just saying you could be using that brain thing better.

  4. evbb on

    She’s using her position of power to spread her broad, generalized, uneducated views of marijuana. That’s probably not her intention, but it’s exactly why people are upset about this video. You know what I would like to see happen? I’d like to see Lisa educate herself on all aspects of the debate. I don’t use Marijuana for medicinal purposes, I use it to stimulate my mind, it’s my freedom to do so. Watching a show like TYTU throw that fundamental freedom away so idly is frustrating.

  5. TheLollerwaffle on

    Lisa has gotten so mind-numbingly annoying. She isn’t well-spoken, she’s constantly all over the place like she isn’t even familiar with the source material, she’s awkward, and she can only ever manage a single prong to any of her arguments. Even when her point is rebutted by John, she just repeats it because she can’t think of anything else to say. Implying that the ‘stoner’ archetype is the only arrow in the pro-weed side’s quiver when it comes to advocating legalization is just plain DUMB.

  6. feedyourmind420 on

    “I personally am not a marijuana-user”….i completely believe her, nobody who uses the words “marijuana-user” smokes pot

  7. evbb on

    Yup, and she’s doing nothing to prove those people exist. She’s painting the majority of marijuana smokers (Tens of millions of americans) As lazy potheads. If I wanted biased media, I’d go watch fox news.

  8. ShinyMew151 on

    I’m not against marijuana, I don’t even use it. If you all want to smoke that plant, then by all means, smoke it. Just don’t make ME smoke it. Besides, just like animals and all things nature and natural, I don’t hate plants.

  9. PJ B on

    Lisa handled this article really well compared to the King’s Uni Cocaine story (if that’s what she’s implying by say “i think i know what y’all or going to think”) and she’s right, if people want to be taken seriously they’ve got to act like an intelligent, articulate adult not a cliche’d stereotype. I’m off to get some Cheetos

  10. twisterdillard on

    I’m okay with it for a campus not allowing it, its not public property. If they want to let em if my school didn’t want us smoking on their property I’d just sit in my car and do it.

  11. evbb on

    Maybe you didn’t know, but the only reason you and I can even have this conversation right now across thousands of miles instantaneously, is because some dudes had a whacky idea on drugs. She is simply stating that tens of millions of people don’t have a clean representative to win the fight? Right, that’s not offensive at all. Nevermind the thousands of hours of documentary, new and study footage you can find on the internet. For someone to take her stance, from her position, is ignorance.

  12. AZZAHMAN on

    The green genie is out of the bottle… deal with it the 80s are over! If you think it is going away, take a big fat hit of reality, mane!

  13. bamboo4tameshigiri on

    Apparently she hasn’t ever visited a dispensary. Stereotypical dreadlocked stoners aren’t all that common.

  14. Gyohdon on

    The problem with bigots is that that is impossible.
    Bigots will find anything to justify their bigotry.

  15. TheLollerwaffle on

    Exactly. The cannabis community is FULL of bright advocates. Cannabis has a reputation for being the drug of choice among educated people and college students. Scientists, doctors, lawyers, and all sorts of ‘successful’ types, including past US presidents admit to using it. It has huge advocates in the medical community both among the patients with devastating illnesses who use it and the doctors who want it to ease the suffering of their patients. But Lisa paints us all as Cheech and Chong.

  16. Leedals on

    My point is, how is shutting down smoking in the park going to stop stoners from smoking in general? Lisa’s point was, by shutting down the smoking in the park, more people will spend time on their Physics homework and studying. I don’t understand how shutting down a park to smoke at on 4/20 is going to cause more people to study when they can celebrate 4/20 and smoke on their couch if they want to.

  17. skeanos on

    because as we all know when fox news approaches someone for an interview it means they are the best person to interview and represent for said topic….
    if they interviewed a monkey about the availiability of bannanas and it went on to shit all over the set I wouldn’t expect someone to judge farmers based on the monkey being a monkey.

  18. hank586 on

    oh yeah if it wasn t for a pothead u would not have that computer to look down on people with
    peace and pot Miss Smarty Pants. I ve help many people with my so called stupidness what have u done with ur smartness

  19. Gyohdon on

    Lisa, the advice you’re giving is basically “don’t give bigots fuel to put on the fire”
    Fuck that shit
    Don’t have bigots, period

  20. MartinDenStore on

    What did she say that indicated that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about?
    I can’t see anything.

  21. Darren S on

    I think you basically just agreed with me… If my wording wasn’t the best, I apologize; I drink a lot of beer. That last sentence… Are you saying you don’t believe that physical addiction occurs at all? We could probably argue over it concerning pot, but there are substances that are addictive… I’m a first year biology student myself, and an autodidactic 28-year-old, so feel free to use big words.. If I’m wrong I’d like to know.

  22. Vyshnavi S on

    I want Ana back. 🙁 I miss her and John together so much. I’m always so excited when I see them on the main TYT show 😀

  23. Seero Boarder on

    She’s not making mocking all pot smokers. She’s mocking pot smokers that do nothing but smoke pot all day. Stop being so damn sensitive.

  24. leondelafonte on

    I’m sure you wish you lived in a world where that arguement was enough to change policy. A perfect world where politics and government responses are quick & efficient.

    In the real world, many people disagree with you completely about weed, and some don’t understand how harmful/useful Marijuana is or can be. You need to have comprehensive discussions (eloquently) with the 70% of America that doesn’t smoke for them understand why legalizing weed won’t create more problems than solve.

  25. GivMeRationality on

    It is legal now. There is nothing left to protest. Universities seek large amounts of Federal funding. Pot is still illegal federally unfortunately. I am toking as we speak but if doing it on a campus may interfere with funding for important research then I would throw my hempfest off campus.

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