Will Woodward Admit He LIED About Threat?

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Will Woodward Admit He LIED About Threat?“Former White House adviser David Axelrod pressed reporter Bob Woodward over his comments about a White House official who said he’d “regret” accusing the Ob…

50 comments on “Will Woodward Admit He LIED About Threat?

  1. Stevie bob on

    Jew & Israel Lobby are planning for Americans to wage war against Iran & die for Israel.

  2. MrSolomonsNonEffect on

    Michael seems to be uncomfortable with the idea that reporters be held accountable for what they write and say on TV. Even if they lie aggressively they should not be questioned aggressively or even busted for their blatant lying. The concept that they would be called out in this way seems “threatening” to him. I think that says more about the guy who feels that way (Michael) and his idea of journalism and accountability than anything else.

  3. GoSuMonSteR on

    No. That should be how all journalists conduct themselves. That’s supposed to be their job. It relies on having integrity. Usually if they don’t have integrity it undermines the whole journalism thing. Michael Hastings is a great journalist IMO. It’s just sad that his type of journalism isn’t the standard, because there are so many hacks out there.

  4. vampireprince5006 on

    If u look at the second interveiw, i didnt know there was a 6 yr old transgender child in colorado, intersting


    You really haven’t seen TYT discuss drones before.
    Cenk and Ron Paul roughly see eye to eye on the topic.

  6. LtShock on

    What? LOLOL! Is this the first video by TYT you watch? Or are you just a disingenuous prick?

  7. Bianca Tschierschky on

    Obama did much more than Bush I am telling you look it up Obama scandals vs. Bush some examples I can think of off the top of my head is that he is collapsing the economy, starting new wars, the Benghazi scandals, fast and furious if you want more examples i will answer you in a little bit because I am kind of busy right now ok thx

  8. Leiforp on

    Except, of course, they don’t. You would know this if you ever looked at their video’s. But sure, making blind assumptions is cool too.

  9. DivineMacabre on

    I’ve read the emails back and forth, and I get more threatening letters from bill collectors. That was the most polite “threat” in the history of political shake downs.

  10. Namelessandpure on

    It’s a government institutiion who’s slogan is Army of One, who pledge to support and aid one another. A government institution paid for by the people for the people. They have universal health care in this government institution

    One of the definitions of socialism is (via merriam webster) : b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state.

    It’s completely owned and controlled by the government. I could go on bu there’s a character lim

  11. mystyc1 on

    Has Woodward really lost any credibility? People often lie on TV and in public and afterwards we allow them to provide us with information as though it never happened.

  12. Edward Black on

    Woodward utters his words weird.
    He pronounces uncomfortable… as un-com-for-table!
    He’s a great propagandist.

  13. DarthBunny314 on

    Depends on what videos you see. They have 2 hours of shows per day, first hour is politics and more serious topics (drone strikes, sequester, money in politics, bank corruption, global warming, etc…), second hour is some serious topics but often very light topics. If you watched the videos mostly from the 2nd hour, then yeah, those aren’t overly important most of the time.

  14. ramone2185 on

    Is Woodward a Republican? If he is, then I HIGHLY doubt that he will admit he lied. He”ll find some way to turn it around.

  15. genie0390 on

    Obowma’s WH going after Woodward for lying? Now there’s a pot calling the kettle black!

    Obowma is the biggest liar President in the history of the Presidency. Lies about causes for the Benghazi attack, lied about who came up with sequester plan, lied about getting rid of lobbyists, lied about transparency, lies about the growth of our economy, lies about jobs, on and on.

  16. TheTroubadoursMusic on

    It is significantly different when somebody is tasked with protecting information and divulges it, and when somebody is not tasked with protecting information but people give it to him.

  17. stilox000 on

    Are you retarded? TYT is probably the American news network that criticizes drone strikes the most,

  18. Namelessandpure on

    You’re high. They totally ride Obama on that. Actually watch the shows instead of guessing.

  19. Bricey Man on

    You are a motherfucking idiot. I have seen so many criticisms of the drone program on TYT that I am literally tired of hearing about it. Maybe you should search the video archive before you go around spewing.

  20. 2Lauralu2 on

    I love when Michael Hastings is on. He is so smart and has an amazing ability to put what he is thinking, no matter how complex, into words.

  21. greenthumbguy1 on

    I wouldn’t type stupid comments on Youtube if I were you. Do you feel threatened?

  22. Georgia Hull on

    White House cancels tours, citing sequester>MSNBC Why closing now this close to 3/22/2013 ? To plant explosives for false flag attack on the White house? Georgia Guide Stones erected 3/22/1980. 33 years since than is 3/22/2013. Possibly to false flag attack on the White House. Pretend that Obama is dead or missing is a reason to search houses and take supposed “terrorists”. Why close the White House and claim they are out of money. Get Real Obama something is not right.

  23. Brudof on

    That’s how most conservatives get their information. Why read the newspaper articles when you can get straight to the point and read the headlines? It actually explains a lot. I think we’re on to something here.

  24. ElKaBaEl on

    Bob felt “uncomfortable” because he was afraid Spurling was right. He knew what he was printing was not right when he did it and got called on it. Bob told on himself when he “felt threatened

  25. docwonder hoffmann on

    Attn John Doe… The “citizens” that Obama has sent drones after are no longer citizens. They threaten our country and are on par with John Walker Lindh. No one is sending drones to Cincinnati, Houston or Des Moines. Read a book bro.

  26. simplybradrock on

    So Bush left us with two wars, bad foreign relations, 4,409 dead American soldiers, 66,081 civilian deaths (estimated total deaths around 110,000), 3-4 trillion in debt along with an unstable economy which resulted in a recession.

    Obama gave us another 10 trillion in debt and a drone death count between 1,963 and 3,293, with 261 to 305 civilians killed. He’s still got time but it’s going to take some work to top what W has done.

  27. duhhybrid on


    ll negative about drones, drones only serve some good.

  28. michaelnew1962 on

    Ok guys, I have heard about you and decided to check you out. I have watched a dozen or so of your videos. So my question is, when are you going to report on something that matters?

  29. hamrite on

    And where are your comments on the Bush admin when they were in full lying roller coaster ? Arriving with your pseudo naive comments is the usual BS produced by channels like Fox. That’s where you deserve to go.

  30. Andreas Salza on

    Woodward is, and always has been CIA agent provocateur.
    Tapping the Water. Standard Gestapo procedure is being played.

  31. MrSpiralingDownward on

    And you have just proven you never actually watched any TYT videos and are just here to throw some conservative trolling around, cause hey just reading titles is still reading right?

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