Why is marijuana illegal?

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Restin Pieces asked:

I am 19 and have never drunk alcohol or taken any drugs, but I cannot for the life of me figure out why pot is illegal. It is literally a plant in the ground that people want to light on fire and breathe in.

So basically, a group of monopolists (the government) are telling you that you cant grow a PLANT on your own ground and choose for YOURSELF what you want to do with it?

Lol this country is just a big joke isnt it, no wonder I am a libertarian.

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  1. Alex B. Welcome to the machine on

    It started over 60 years ago with illegal immigrants bringing it up from Central America. Govt at the time didn’t like it so they banned it. Stuck since then

  2. thetruthsoid on

    illegal drugs are illegal because they make people act stupid thus commuting decisions which can cause governments MORE money than actually banning it

    its like safety belt, you REALLY think they care or not if you decide to wear it?

    But why would the spend money paying to clean the blood in the road when they can charge you to have it on?

  3. Ouroboro on

    Well I think it’s because of the hemp business, and I heard it had something to do with the cotton fields along time ago, and cotton was like oil is now.

    So they made it illegal, and they made people smoke it?

    I don’t know but that’s what I’ve heard, but it really does make you slow in the head, and no it does not let you see things in a “different light”. People who smoke pot are not smart at all, and unless you want to just blend in with the rest of the drugged up$$ masses then I suggest you take it, and blend in, because they don’t need another smart American citizen making decisions and getting stuff done.

  4. Tom R on

    a combination of factors . one , politicians who want to appear wholesome. they can argue against something to make people believe they are the most family oriented. add to this that eliminating the production of hemp can make its competitors more money. add to this the dealers can make more money. i used to live in kentucky an we didnt have alcohol sales in my county until recently. the joke was that the bootleggers an church people voted it down .

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