What are all slang words for marijuana?

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marijuana jokes

i know there is an infinite..but the most used or ones i will hear i don’t want to be clueless if someone says something as a joke and I have to ask what that is..

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  1. elton on

    bud ,green ,food,bang,stinking,sticky,weed most commanly used were i live but changes depending on what area u live in as well as what country

  2. Kevin on

    Kind Bud, or KB
    Headies (good stuff)
    Middies (avg stuff)
    Beasters, or Schwag (cheap stuff)
    Sticky Icky

  3. Happiness Eternally on

    Street Slang
    There are hundreds of slang words that mean “marijuana” (some refer to specific types). Here are just a few:

    * Airplane
    * Astro turf
    * Aunt Mary
    * Black Bart
    * Boom
    * Bud
    * Charge
    * Chiba chiba
    * Chunky
    * Dagga
    * Dank
    * Dinkie dow
    * Endo
    * Ganja
    * Haircut
    * Hay
    * Herb
    * Mary Jane
    * Matchbox
    * Maui wauie
    * Sezz
    * Yellow submarine
    * Weed
    * Zambi

  4. µA±l ° on

    Check out these links because there are too many to say:

    There are many different names for marijuana. Slang terms for drugs change quickly, and they vary from one part of the country to another. They may even differ across sections of a large city.

    Terms from years ago, such as pot, herb, grass, weed, Mary Jane, and reefer, are still used. You might also hear the names Aunt Mary, skunk, boom, gangster, kif, or ganja.

    There are also street names for different strains or “brands” of marijuana, such as “Texas tea,” “Maui wowie,” and “Chronic.” A recent book of American slang lists more than 200 terms for various kinds of marijuana.

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