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UNAIRED G FUEL ADDrug addled rants and sometimes jokes – If you enjoyed the video, I’d love it if you left a like or a comment. Really. Com…

48 comments on “UNAIRED G FUEL AD

  1. MrMara7hon on

    I expect to see some sort of masturbation humor to go along with gamer grip some time in the near future. Also this was awesome, I needed a good laugh 🙂

  2. GuardRabbit on

    I intended to fake it at first, but then I kinda botched it and snorted a lot by accident

  3. MrMara7hon on

    Not only does it help in game, there’s nothing better when it comes to masturbating alone at home while crying about how low your gB rank is. The only problem is that sometimes you tear skin off your junk, but it’s totally worth it.

  4. juanje99 on

    I’ll put whatever you ask me to, into my body!
    #NoHomo #WhoAmIKidding #ILoveYouGuardRabbit

  5. GuardRabbit on

    i have little experience in bum science so right now im not sure. please try and report back

  6. TheRegicold on

    I did this with a cut McDonalds straw and Estrogen. My nipples, they hurt when I twist them…

  7. sweenzissexayy on

    asher get addicted to g fuel and then make a video a year later telling us how you got addicted to g fuel and tell kids to not do drugs right after you explain how much fun drugs are, and then go hangout with jbiebz and have a g fuel relapse and then blackout during which you fucked about 70 hookers and lost your butt virginity to a big black security guard named tyrone mcdouglas who happens to have a torpedoe in his pants rendering your rectum incapacitated forcing you to wear diapers – lush

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