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THE BUTTHURT BOTThe internet is full of sensitive people who get super butthurt over trivial disagreements, something you find out pretty quick if you like sharing your opin…

50 comments on “THE BUTTHURT BOT

  1. TheLastVampireChild on

    The color of his kitchen kills me….Is it Lime green or Emerald…MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MIND GREEN!!!!! >=?

  2. HoppingTrains s on

    All of this guys videos are about people being upset by his videos and him telling them how much he doesn’t care that they think he’s an idiotic douche.


  3. Didymus Leonheart on

    Are you seriously confused as to why people think you’re an idiot when you say stupid crap like, “emo’s only want attention” or that you think that people who cut themselves do it for attention which ultimately allows me to logically deduce myself to see a common theme here. ATTENTION! Are you projecting, moron?

    You ARE DUMB. You don’t understand anything. People aren’t butthurt. They just want you to stop spewing your nonsensical garbage on the internet.

  4. SweetPink Bunny on

    Hey xchrystax Greg’s going to block u for stating ur opinion. Btw do any on know if lamey still in school or did Greg make her drop out 🙂

  5. shanna123ify on

    ButthurtBot: YOU LOOK LIKE A PENIS!!!! (runs away screaming)
    Me: Hmmm so that’s how computers scream.

  6. Jake Smith on

    i dont see emo as a style of music or a lifestyle. i see it as a style of fasion in a seance.

  7. Joseph Grey on

    Hahahq it’s their choice to watch the video XD sometime I wonder how stupid People are XD

  8. ark aguinaldo on

    uh violence dumbnes stupidity violence again i dont have anything except lower the violence pls

  9. EliteAceOfSpadesTV on

    Woah Onision Should make a series about ButtHurt Bot!
    I love this video,Make more!

  10. AlisaKeroro on

    Haha, that’s funny, because people butthurt with lava poop about homophobes. Especially straight girls.

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