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PshPsh! Psh…. Nathan Barnatt — edbassmaster, Nathan Barnatt, nathanjbarnatt, Venice Beach, California, guy on the street, prank, joke, jokes, hidden camera, psh, mullet, black guys, hot girl, hot girls, medical marijuana, pot, weed, marijuana, ganja, comedy, sketch,…

50 comments on “Psh

  1. jjellyz on

    Don’t you hate it when you’ve almost finished your bowl of cereal and the last 5 are like, “Catch me if you can, bitch!”

  2. norsende on

    started slowly but in the end I was again fearing for your lives and enjoying every second of it

  3. elitedefense72 on

    You two were the most normal looking people out there in that shithole known as Venice Beach, CA.!

  4. vbn1234567 on









  5. PettyPranks on

    I love this video because I HATE IT when people do the “PSH” sound! Thanks for raising awareness Ed!

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