*NEW* Lil Cuete Interview (NEW 2011)


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*NEW* Lil Cuete Interview (NEW 2011)New Lil Cuete interview. NEW ALBUM COMING SOON! Video recorded by the homie Cam Capone.

27 comments on “*NEW* Lil Cuete Interview (NEW 2011)

  1. wicmil13 on

    @EGGZAVYR what you talking bout homie? i was saying lil cuete looking at mister d like wtf gtfo.

  2. richardmarez on

    as long as hes rolling up some weed and not trying to score a dope sack ,,, i can give a fuck how he looks

  3. shadowloks2292 on

    Whats Up With The Face Paint I Know Hes Trying To Be Diffrent But Hes Trying To Hard To Be Diffrent

  4. OneTheOnlyOne on

    @luisagarcia1991 Its A Tatt. One day he woke up and thought it would be a good idea if he got a skeleton tatted on his head to represent “Dia De Los Muertos”. Mexican Culture means alot to Lil Cuete. Usually Gangsters get tats on the face to scare rivals, but lil cuete got a skeleton so everybody can be scared of him. lol

  5. Six3rdnRidah on

    on wat fukkin trip iz he on man, diz aint a fukkin circus stage game man, diz iz da fukkin ganxta rap game man. wuddup!?!

  6. mrroberto1503 on

    q ovolas raza sigan escupiendo al micro i echandoles los kilos ala vida saludos para toda la raza azteca saludos para la raza del distrito federal desde califas orange county saludos para los de Los Angeles area i fuera del westcoast escuchen mis rolas i comenten haters are welcome …alrratoz
    youtube. com /mrroberto1503

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