New Hampshire Medical Marijuana policy violates Gods law


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New Hampshire Medical Marijuana policy violates Gods lawhttps:// h…

5 comments on “New Hampshire Medical Marijuana policy violates Gods law

  1. chris nelson on

    Oregon’s medical laws are pretty good. I am able to have 6 flowering plants per patient card and I grow for myself and my Dad. I always stay within the guidelines and am still able to grow way more than we are able to smoke, and allows us to have a pound and a half on hand each. Come on over to Oregon and I can help you get started with clones and equipment, we have a great outdoor climate here in central Oregon as well, usually end up with 2+ pound plants!

  2. makeitallrite11 on

    side effects are worse then any high you will get from mj, and just sayin if you eat edlibles you get ninety five per cent of the medicinal attributes but really be careful it is alot different then smoking it……..Ive gotten to the point where Ive beeen gurilla planting not only mj, but ameranth seeds for those gmo fields, they cant fight mother nature, roundup doesnt kill ameranth and it will make it impossible to grow roundup ready seeds….seed bombs, just do it.

  3. mistisblu on

    Drinking and driving kills, slamming crank kills, smoking angel dust kills, slamming heroin kills, smoking crack kills, drinking to much alcohol kills. Mj alone does not kill. Liberals just think they know whats best for people better then people knows whats best for themselves. Maybe if they smoked a joint once in awhile they could let lose of the control death grip their trying to hang onto. Doubt it though.

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