More Theatre of Life: Grimace On Vacation


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More Theatre of Life: Grimace On VacationFocus on your biking, don’t focus on your ice cream. Buy the Shut Up Eric t-shirt here – Follow Beck on Twitter: Follow Nick on Twitter: Subscribe to BeckBennett, Nick, and GoodNeighborStuff: ‪ ‪ ‪ Shot by Eric Thompson: Edited by Liam Sullivan Music by Dan Gross — More Theatre of Life, beckbennett, nick, goodneighborstuff, Venice Beach, sarcastic humor, weird, funny, hot g

49 comments on “More Theatre of Life: Grimace On Vacation

  1. parableryan on

    After hearing those songs, I’m convinced you guys are becoming one of the crazies on the beach.
    Missed the show, glad you guys are back!

  2. HorribleHostessAlex on

    You probably ruined that guy’s life when you caught him eating the fallen ice cream

  3. TheShadowFactor on

    HI THERE, PEOPLES OF THE INTERWEBS!!! I was just wondering if maybe you could check out my channel, which may or may not have good videos on it that you may or may not enjoy… I HATE having to advertise like this but I feel that us small YouTubers need some recognition considering the fact that the big YouTubers take the spotlight most of the time. Aaaannnnyyyywwaaayys thanks for reading this! I REALLY appreciate it!!

  4. Capgungoesbang on

    I can’t believe that guy would eat an ice cream cone off the Venice boardwalk. It must be riddled with AIDS vomit.

  5. 7DrKnockers7 on

    Next time I’m doing hot n spicy foreplay, I’m gonna whisper in her ear “you can see what my dick looks like…it’s dong time”

  6. jimmyg123 on

    hahaha “Grimace on vacation” killed me, I haven’t laughed that hard in a while, so glad you guys are back

  7. Boyd1106 on

    I Want a “Let’s Talk Eric ;)” shirt and you guys should make a cd with all the little jingles you guys make up that would be amazing (just sayin)

  8. choochinkaddywompus on

    ahh love this kine, you fags are awesome, one day i will be a fag with you guys, kyle said so

  9. icecreamcakeandpiex on

    WHAT did he seriously pick up his ice cream from the floor and licked it?

  10. Champstamp83 on

    Nick knows a suspicious number of yoga pose names. Either he’s a closet yogi or he just spends a lot of time jacking off to yoga videos.

  11. MonoxideChild151 on

    Thank God, another Sunday isn’t ruined by not seeing Theater of Life. Thanks Nick & Beck!

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