Legalized Marijuana Jokes


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Legalized Marijuana JokesTwitter: @SamBowers12 Facebook: See me live! For talent inquiries please email: In my special Election 2012 episode I break down all of the major changes coming to America, from legalized marijuana in Colorado and Washington, to gay marriage being approved in 4 states. Not to mention Barack Obama is back… hooray? Jokes written and performed by Sam Bowers Camera by Chris Diamond Filmed at KCAT TV 15 Studios in Los Ga

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  1. Greenlife711 on

    Cannabis oil CURES cancer and virtually any health problem. watch ” run from the cure” and search ” Granny storms list” on google for a huge list of scientific facts. The reason it is so illegal is because it will put the whole pharmaceutical industry out of business and expose the genocide that they have caused over all this time by prescribing poison to people for PROFIT. Also, HEMP is illegal because it would put out many other industries such as the tree killers and oil companies. LEGALIZE

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