How to Get High in 2015 (featuring Cheech Marin)


A stoner harnesses the power of technology in order to get baked on 4/20 with Cheech Marin.

39 comments on “How to Get High in 2015 (featuring Cheech Marin)

  1. KitariFox on

    Happy 4/20 everybody, smoke one for me because I can’t do it anymore for
    job related reasons. :(

  2. Maxundmoritz Hautala on

    Back in the day the police station in Lahore, Pakistan near the train
    station sold hash. Imagine the comedy potential. It could be 5 years in the
    future and police stations here would be selling it with a chemist
    available to certify quality.

  3. Ikon X on

    Didn’t i hear from Chong that Cheech quit smoking weed?He said it on
    getting Doug with high i think.

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