Getting over marijuana. Help?

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Carrey asked:

Hey guys I went to a party a while back and was really stoned reeked of marijuana she smelt me out in no time her mom found out her friends hate me. I really really REALLY like her…alot how can I show her that I’m done with dope. I am going to stop i broke all of my drug paraphernalia and really dont want to smoke again, so two questions: how can i quit and stay off. Second is how to show her that I dont want to smoke again. she said that shes done with me but I really want to turn over a new leaf (see what i did there) hurr hurr. All jokes aside any help would be great thanks everyone. And no stupid “may christ be with” sh*t.

One comment on “Getting over marijuana. Help?

  1. Lindsey on

    marijuana isn’t an addictive drug. just don’t do it. it’s stupid anyways. maybe get new friends who don’t do it, too.

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