Fresh Perspectives: The Breaking Story IV


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Fresh Perspectives: The Breaking Story IVCheck out part 1: Check out part 2: Check out part 3: Fresh Perspectives was a political talk show with children. On April 6th, 2011 the first episode was uploaded to Youtube. After seven episodes, the show vanished without a trace. So did the show’s creator and host, Beck Bennett. This is what happened. Part IV of IV Release Schedule: Part I – 03/20 Part II – 03/21 Part III – 03/22 Part IV – 03/23 Fresh Perspectives is back on March 29th, 2012. Cr

49 comments on “Fresh Perspectives: The Breaking Story IV

  1. Turbotiggytroy on

    So…If goodneighbor was to make a DVD with all their videos, and slapped all of Beck, Nick, and Kyle’s uploads on there with them. I WOULD BUY IT IN A HEARTBEAT.

  2. TobeyTheKoala on

    dude is that a python brand on that shelf? Buy some nug nug, make sure it’s crystallized, and please tell me you didn’t lose your blink blank skunk skunk

  3. TheRealDVairsoft on

    0:36 LOL i’m liking the bongs on the shelf and the stack of 100’s on top of the books

  4. abcbamz17 on

    the fact that kyle kassem nick beck jon eric dave and all the behind the scenes producers are in this is what i loved about this series, its like the whole family

  5. phelps461 on

    so this was all a commercial to the new fresh perspectives. I lost all faith in documentaries

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