FinShaggy’s Hash oil (made simple, Pt 2) (Backyard Kimistre)


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FinShaggy's Hash oil (made simple, Pt 2) (Backyard Kimistre)This is the end result of the Hash oil made with acetone, and the bubble hash mixed with hash oil. Here’s part 1: have my MMJ referral, and am protected by my states constitution if anyone is wondering. (For Educational purposes only)

8 comments on “FinShaggy’s Hash oil (made simple, Pt 2) (Backyard Kimistre)

  1. Fin Shaggy on

    No, just a fan is “needed”. A hot plate would make it faster though.

    It just depends on how much of everything you use, more liquid, takes longer to evaporate.

    I’m not sure what you’ll get, but you’ll get a good yield.

    I would watch my BHO and Bubble hash videos if I were you, and do one of those though.

  2. Jason1975ism on

    you have alot of plant matter in it.. watch the ”Gumby hash method, chillin w uncle bobby” or tokin black dudes video on poormans bubble hash. the polar solvent you used isnt good. use everclear or denatured alcohol next time for dark oil and butane or hexane for light premo oil.. also Dr marys infused olive oil is awesome. happy smoking!! never use a solvent that you cant drink.

  3. Fin Shaggy on

    No, it actually costs more to go tot eh store and get dry ice than it does to use a bubble bag conventionally.

    Just “Convenient” bubble hash.
    When you use dry ice, it’s done in like 30 seconds.

  4. BoxerMonkey on

    do you need heat in the process to make this?

    how long does this take?

    how much can get from 100 grams of trim?

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