Duncan Trussell – Medical Marijuana

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Duncan Trussell - Medical MarijuanaDuncan picks up a prescription for Super OG Skywalker Bubble Haze at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, CA. See more Duncan here: laughfactory.com Follow us: twitter.com Like us: facebook.com

50 comments on “Duncan Trussell – Medical Marijuana

  1. MonkayMan on

    ahhh shit its like he was talking to me. i have a med card for marijuana, im a huuuge Floyd fan, and i have a siamese cat…

  2. Mluna792 on

    @evolgirl69 It’s not only in California, what are you talking about. I can get it at Denver dispensaries.

  3. 13l4CK on

    i put some weed in some boiling milk, & i downed it.. burned my insides
    followed by a Wave of Warm Rushness flutterly from the inside out,
    i lost my balance & fell onto my knees laffing histeraclly
    after realizing that i knew i was Hit by the high.. i got up & watched this video & laffed @ the TRAINWRECK! part lmaooo

  4. 333jojob on

    @fpsexcellence like i give a f*** if pp thumbs up my comment….i totally didn’t even know that it got thumbed…. and begging for thumbs up is saying something like…”like this…” or “thumbs this up”….clearly you wished your comment got thumbed….dumbass

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