do you think that californians will vote yes, and pass the marijuana bill?

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marijuana jokes
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I hope so, it is time to end this joke

7 comments on “do you think that californians will vote yes, and pass the marijuana bill?

  1. Pubs let Fox think fer dem on

    It’s ABOUT time, besides the state NEEDS the tax money!

    Like alcohol prohibition in the 1920s, “trying” to make marijuana illegal has failed completely in the US ! Legal or not, MANY people are using it. The only people benefiting are criminals, artificially raising prices, and making for an unsafe situation as criminals become wealthier and more empowered. Also, our prisons are full of people who have committed marginal offenses (such as possession of MJ) because “Conservatives” believe they can legislate morality.

    Alcohol causes many more deaths per year than MJ; if MJ is illegal, alcohol should also be illegal (you can’t have it both ways, Cons !)

    Legalizing and TAXING MJ, just like alcohol, would give much-needed revenue to governments who are in dire need of funds, put many criminals out of business, and free our prison and court systems for serious criminals.

  2. V. D's Biggest Fan =]] on

    I really don’t think it will make a difference there’s already enough pot heads in cali anyways.

  3. blu on

    I think they will.
    America has failed to hear the message f/ Prohibition.
    There is something I hope they do (unlike the Federal gov failed to do when alcohol was made legal again), earmark some of the money for education, prevention and rehabilitation. I believe usage will go down when more are educated against the evils of prolonged/extensive usage.
    Legalization will alleviate some taxpayer burden by how they pay for those doing time for it … plus, it will take money out of black markets pockets.

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