Cardinal Timothy Dolan Picks Grappa, marijuana Over Pope.


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Cardinal Timothy Dolan Picks Grappa, marijuana Over Pope.Cardinal Dolan tells with Christiane Amanpour “He’s got a better chance drinking too much grappa and smoking marijuana” than being the next pope. They laugh …

5 comments on “Cardinal Timothy Dolan Picks Grappa, marijuana Over Pope.

  1. Marijuana365 on

    That is an old story. In mexico, where weed is so cheap it basically free, I encountered a ton of stigma to weed smokers. They definitely think it is more dangerous/harmful than alcohol. However, do lose sight of USA’s responsibility for the drug civil wars raging in latin America. Legalizing weed would end that.

    And yes the UN is an issue, however, the way the US goes the world goes. The push to ban marijuana started in the US and so it is up to us to end the prohibition globally.

  2. DaniboyBR2 on

    Oh the great problem at least I Brazil where I lived was prejudice, ignorance, conservatism and, at least in my opinion, lack of understanding of how you find out whats true or not, people are religious thus stupid, you would be impressed at how easy it is to lead religious fanatics into causes they don’t have the slightest interest or knowledge of, and its easy to turn them against minorities, group psychology is something crazy…and creating enemies is not only easy but helps to unite people.

  3. DaniboyBR2 on

    I wish people thought of marijuana as irreverently in Latin America, things would be easier to change, but weed is totally demonized down there and policies ever more draconian, Uruguai and Argentina are exceptions, where the plant is somewhat decriminalized, in the rest of the countries it is very repressed, and their homicide rates much higher also.

  4. RationalHaze on

    Spot on. You guys have been given a great chance. And it will affect the rest of the world.

  5. mos619 on

    I think the problem is bigger than individual countries. Latin American countries are parties to same treaties as other member nations. You know the big stink the UN is making about CO & WA legalizing? Latin American leaders would get assassinated over that shit! Uruguay and Argentina are rebels and I wouldn’t be surprised if the UN comes down on them with more than angry letters.

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